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Crypto Containers Built Prairie Strong

Rugged and Remotely Managed Crypto Containers

Remote locations provide ample space and opportunity for crypto mining operations. Because these sites are off the beaten path, we have designed our containers specifically for remote, unattended management. Our remote monitoring system allows us to monitor the status of all the mining equipment remotely, while also being able to reboot any individual miner, monitor container temperature, filter status, door security, and remote video feeds.

3-4 Week Lead Time

Built to be Tough

Remote Management

Robust Security

Customized for Remote Management

Remote and open spaces give opportunity for development of crypto mining.  These open spaces are outside of the cities, that is why we built our containers for distant sites. We have engineered our containers so that each one can be managed remotely through our software interface. The status of miners and container location are constantly being monitored for security.

Designed with Security in Mind

Security is always at the forefront of our minds because our crypto containers are built and designed for remote locations. Our containers are self-contained so there is no easy access to the equipment. The containers have multiple lock and security points to ensure the safety and integrity of the equipment.

Built for Extreme Conditions

Prairie areas such as Oklahoma and Texas can have harsh conditions including intense heat, winds, and dust. Our remotely managed containers are built with ruggedness in mind so that they can withstand extreme heat, wind, and other harsh environments and utilize remote sites.

Produced with Short Lead Times

Time is of the essence with mining. That is why we keep our build times to 3-4 weeks. This ensures a fast up-time, with only one additional week for onsite installation and delivery.

Made in the USA

Prairie Doge containers are US built in centrally located Oklahoma. This provides access to major highways for quick deployment and does not have the added wait times of overseas shipping or customs.

Our crypto containers are designed for remote sites anywhere in the US, but with manufacturing in Oklahoma, our containers are easily shipped to Oklahoma, Texas and sites throughout the southwest.